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Fact Explained: Hormones and Metabolism play a role in Fat and Weight Loss

Deepta Nagpal

In today's time, weight loss has become extremely popular. This fad has led to the growth of an industry that tries to promote weight loss to make an easy buck. And as this trend festers on the body insecurities of individuals, the industry is thriving with each passing day. As society pushes people into dropping their pounds, this norm leads to individuals adopting unhealthy ways to lose their body weight. Weight loss in itself is a cruel term, and it doesn't necessarily mean what most people believe. People believe calories are everything to manage weight loss. However, calories are not the only thing that needs to be reviewed. There are two different terms when it comes to losing bodyweight. A) Weight Loss B) Fat Loss and every weight loss does not necessarily mean fat loss. Metabolism and hormones play a key role in both these aspects. Aiming at managing these body factors will indirectly and subsequently allow for a healthy body. Let's dive further into how hormones and metabolism work.

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