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Workable cadaveric preservation for developing skills training models- a review

Sontakke BR, Deshmukh VD, Kirubhanand C, Gugapriya TS, Muthiyan GM, Tarnekar AM

Art of embalming as practiced by Egyptians about 3000 years ago transformed into embalming science of modern ages with the use of formaldehyde as a preservative solution. Subsequently, the search for an ideal embalming preservative solution continues to date because of the health hazards related to formaldehyde preservation of cadavers. Alternative preservative methods and solutions suitable for making different skill training models with the specific requirements of pliability have also experimented. The literature had documented various solutions like Thiel’s solution and technique, phenoxyethanol preservation, saturated sodium chloride solution, cryopreservation, N-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidone, Ethanol–glycerin and Fix 4life solution as alternatives to formaldehyde preservation. This review is an attempt to have an overview comparison of all the recent alternate embalming methods applicable for developing skill training cadaveric models with an aim of reducing formaldehyde usage in preservation.

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