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Variations in the Branches of Axillary Artery

Maryam Ezzati, Hamid Tayefi Nasrabadi, Ali Abedelahi, Gozal Bahlakeh, Raziyeh Kheirjou, Maryam Lale Ataei

Introduction: Variations in the branching pattern of axillary artery is common. Understanding of variations of axillary artery and its branches is necessary and well documents in anatomical, radiological and surgical procedure to recognize unusual clinical signs and symptoms.

Case Report: This report reveals a case of variation in the branching pattern of axillary artery in routine dissection of female cadaver for educational purpose in Department of Anatomical sciences in Tabriz University of medical sciences.

Discussion and Conclusion: Anatomically, the axillary artery divides to three parts; Superior Thoracic artery originates from the first part, lateral thoracic artery, Thoraco-acromial trunk arises from the second part, Subscapular, Anterior and Posterior Circumflex Humeral arteries arise from the third part. But in the present report we found that a common trunk including Lateral Thoracic, Subscapular arteries and muscular branches arose from the second part of axillary artery. Also in the third part we just observed Anterior Circumflex Humeral artery. A good view which clarifies the variation of axillary artery branches can prevent from the medicine mistake during radiological and surgical procedure.

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