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Variations associated with high division of the superficial brachial artery

Selda YILDIZ, Necdet KOCABIYIK, Cenk Murat OZER

The arterial variations of the upper limb are quite common. This variation was found in the left upper limb of a 38-week-old female fetus cadaver during the routine dissection. The axillary artery was continuing as brachial artery after giving the superficial brachial artery. The superficial brachial artery derived from high division brachial artery was extended as superficial inner side of the arm. The superficial brachial artery was crossed to brachial artery 5 cm above the interepicondylar line. This artery was to run as superficial radial artery the outer side of the forearm. In the cubital fossa, the brachial artery continued as ulnar artery at the inner side of the forearm. The other branches of axillary and brachial arteries were observed as usual.
Knowledge of such variations is of clinical importance during the interventions as flap surgery of forearm, intravenous drug applications, amputations, use of radial artery coronary artery bypass surgery and fasciotomy for compartment syndrome.

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