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Variant origin and course of the left colic artery: An embryological perspective

Vivek Mishra, Mrinal Barua, Brijendra Singh, Vandana Sharm

The Variations in branching pattern of abdominal arteries are common. These variations are usually due to the changes occurring during the development of vessels. Although the blood supply of the gut is segmental in nature and is genetically regulated, there are other factors determining the final fate of the course and origin of a blood vessel. In this case report the left colic artery was observed to arise anomalously from superior mesenteric artery; 4 cm distal to the origin of superior mesenteric artery from the abdominal aorta –a rare anomaly. The utmost care and proper attention is much needed while doing various diagnostic techniques, operative procedures and angiographic examinations of abdominal organs rather than merely the knowledge of all reported or unreported variations of the abdominal arteries. It should be kept in mind that variations in the abdominal blood vessels are a proof of concept of vascular development.

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