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Variant anatomy of superior cerebellar artery and associated clinical implications

Rajani Sing

Superior cerebellar arteries originate from basilar artery just before terminating into posterior cerebral arteries. These arteries travel below the 3rd and above the 4th cranial nerves. Superior cerebellar arteries (SCA) irrigates superior surface of cerebellum and superior vermis. The knowledge of variations in the branching pattern of SCA is essential to neuro-radiologists and neurosurgeons in comprehending vascular malformations, SCA syndrome, handling of lesions of the basilar termination and explaining trigeminal neuralgia. The variations are also valuable to avoid inadvertent ligation or sectioning of these arteries during surgical approaches to the posterior cranial fossa lesions. Due to afore mentioned immense clinical implications of these arteries, review of literature has been explored. The study will provide ready and consolidated information for radiologists for interpretation of imagery and neurologists for diagnosing and treating lesions around the superior cerebellar arteries

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