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Unilateral variation of extensor carpi radialis longus muscle: a case report

Phalguni SRIMANI, Rudradev MEYUR, Alpana De BOSE, Anirban SADHU

Morphological variations of muscles in the extensor compartment of forearm have been reported by several authors. Those include presence of additional bellies with tendons of existing muscles or presence of additional muscle in unusual location. One such variation was observed during routine dissection in the department of Anatomy, R. G. Kar Medical College, Kolkata, showing additional extensor carpi radialis longus muscle with separate tendon on right forearm of an approximately 70-year-old female cadaver. No such variation was observed on the left side. Reviewing related literature, anatomical knowledge of such possible variation can be considered clinically noteworthy both during preoperative diagnosis and also for proper planning of reconstructive hand surgery.

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