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Tracking Ebola through cellphone, internet of things and Blockchain technology

Jia Bainga Kangbai1, Peter Bai Jame, Sulaiman Mandoh, Abu Bakarr Fofanah, Angella George, Abdulai Briama, Momodu Massaquoi, John L McBrayer

Objective: In the absence of any approved therapeutics and vaccines to treat or prevent Ebola infection, managing Ebola outbreak largely depends on early case detection and surveillance, real-time communication of surveillance data, and Ebola case management. Here we assessed the possibility of uploading data obtained by Internet of Internet device that monitors cellphone company’s Call Data Records (CDR), national demographic census, national transportation system and Ebola vaccine production databases on a Blockchain platform to conduct real-time Ebola contact tracing, transmission pattern surveillance and vaccine delivery. Results: Mobility data obtained by Internet of Things (IoT) from CDR from cellphone companies, national transportation system, and census demographic data can be integrated into a Blockchain platform to provide real-time Ebola surveillance and contact-tracing. While cellphone data provides a unique opportunity to quantify human mobility, Blockchain system magnifies such opportunity by making the data accessible to many actors in real-time. By mounting data from CDR, national population census, national transport system and Ebola vaccine production database on a Blockchain platform will provide additional lens in our understanding of the role played by human population dynamics in the spread as well and containment of Ebola during outbreaks

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