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Three Unusual Variations of the Testicular Vasculature in a Single Cadaver: Case Report and Short Review of Pathophysiologic Correlations with Varicocele

Chernet Bahru Tessema

During the dissection of an 80-year-old male cadaver, the following three unusual variations of testicular vasculature were encountered: 1) bilateral anonymous descending retroperitoneal veins that drained into the testicular veins, 2) bifurcated left testicular vein that drained into the left renal vein and 3) a branch of left testicular artery that entered the hilum of the left kidney. The co-occurrence of multiple variations like this could be potential risks for various medical conditions including varicocele and varicocele associated male subfertility or infertility. These could also affect the interpretation of outcomes of interventional radiological procedures and increase the risk of complications during vascular, renal and urologic surgeries. So, awareness of such variations would play a crucial role in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of causes of male infertility, urologic diseases, and in the planning and deployment of appropriate radiologic and surgical strategies to reduce the risk of iatrogenic complications.

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