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Synthetic biology: A foundation for multi-scale molecular biology

Sam Danial

The Synthetic Biology provides novel ways for constructing new biological systems or re-designing existing ones for practical use. It has been regarded as a revolutionary technology at the heart of the so-called Bioeconomy, capable of offering innovative answers to global concerns in healthcare, agriculture, industry, and the environment. Despite considerable progress in the synthesis of high-value compounds and pharmaceuticals, there remains a belief that synthetic biology has yet to fulfil its promise. Furthermore, governments are concerned that synthetic biology would extend the pool of agents of concern, necessitating the development of detection, identification, and monitoring systems, as well as the proactive development of countermeasures against chemical and biological threats. Representatives from several government agencies attended this conference, demonstrating their commitment to keeping an open line of communication with the synthetic biology community. In this approach, they want to stay on top of emerging dangers and offer the best recommendations to the government on science and technology investments as well as the establishment or adjustment of regulatory processes. Only a few tiny compounds in medicine are now created utilising a synthetic biology technique; engineering microorganisms to carry out functions that Nature did not plan remains extremely challenging. This is to be expected: from an evolutionary standpoint, microorganisms’ performance is “good enough.” Microbes developed to meet the unique requirements and obstacles of their natural habitats, not those of industrial fermenters and bioreactors. Transferring genes from one system to another may appear simple, but it is difficult effort that seldom yields enough profit (i.e., greater yield) to justify the expenditure. Automation and artificial intelligence (for example, in designing and constructing plasmids) may assist to minimize time and cost in the future, as well as enhance return on investment

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