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Symmetrical variations in the branching pattern of abdominal aorta: a case report

Swati TIWARI, Sonali KATARIA, Ranjana VERMA

During routine cadaveric dissection, we came across a combination of arterial variations in the branching pattern of abdominal aorta. First, both the renal arteries were accompanied by accessory renal arteries, which were bilaterally symmetrical in the following respects: (i) the accessory arteries were related anterior to the main trunk of renal arteries, (ii) they gained entry into the kidney through the hilum (anterior to the hilar structures), and (iii) they exhibited a similar branching pattern inside the substance of the kidney. Second, both the inferior phrenic arteries were arising from the celiac trunk, instead of the abdominal aorta and were slightly more tortuous than usual. Presence of such major variations assumes great clinical importance for interventional radiological procedures. Moreover, all major abdominal surgeries, including oncologic resections (of pancreas and liver) and renal transplantation demand an accurate account of any variations in the vascular apparatus.

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