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Superior sagittal sinus draining only to the left transverse sinus

Fisseha Mulugeta*, Abenezer Bogale, Mikiyas Sharew, Fisseha Mulugeta, Saron Assefa, Yanet Tadesse

In anatomical studies things expected to be studied and remembered by students are structural formats that are statistically dominant i.e. structural formats that are found in most of the population. But anatomical locations of the body organs and structures are not always found in the same form in all the people of the world which gives rise to features known as anatomical variations. Knowing about variations has great clinical implications especially diagnosis based on imaging because unawareness of the variation may lead to diagnosing normal structures as pathological. In our routine dissection room session at Myungsung Medical College, Addis Ababa, we observed a drainage pattern of the superior sagittal sinus that is statistically not dominant. In our case the superior sagittal sinus was draining to the left transverse sinus with no observable confluence of sinus. We also observed there the right transverse sinus and its impression on the bone was absent.

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