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Superficial course of brachial and ulnar arteries and high origin of common interosseous artery

Saju Binu Cherian

Knowledge of variations in the course and branching pattern of the arteries of upper limb is important for clinicians. We report the variations of the branches of brachial artery. The brachial artery was superficial throughout its course. It divided into radial and ulnar arteries in the cubital fossa. The ulnar artery passed superficial to the flexor muscles of the forearm as it leaved the cubital fossa. The common interosseous artery was large in size and it was a direct branch of brachial artery. It took its origin from brachial artery approximately 5 cm below the lower border of teres major muscle and followed the median nerve till the cubital fossa and divided into anterior and posterior interosseous branches

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