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Social anxiety disorder in adolescence

Niyazi Cem Odemis, Sefa Bulut*

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental problems worldwide. Between these psychological issues, social anxiety disorder is an early onset, frequent and significant anxiety problem. As an early onset problem, social anxiety is mostly seen among adolescents, and it affects young individuals negatively in their social life. Due to the importance of the adolescence period for the whole life of individuals, it is significant to give attention to this kind of mental disease to create accurate prevention ways and help patients in their social life experiences. On the other hand, social anxiety disorder has comorbidity with other mental problems, such as depression, substance use, alcohol, suicide, and several anxiety problems. For this reason, preventing and treating social anxiety disorder helps to stop serious comorbid problems. In treatment, pharmacologic treatments and therapies are common and effective ways used by experts on social anxiety disorder first. However, there are several barriers to treatment in different dimensions. In this review paper, a social anxiety disorder in adolescence is examined. Secondly, comorbid disorders with a social anxiety disorder are handled. Lastly, the prevention and treatment process and barriers ahead of treatment are discussed.

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