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Neurovascular variations in the limbs of a single cadaver

Sudeshna MAJUMDAR, Kalyan BHATTACHARYA, Hironmoy ROY, Manisha BISWAS

While doing the routine dissection for undergraduate students in the department of Anatomy, NRS Medical College, Kolkata, India, few neurovascular variations were detected in the superior and inferior extremities of a male cadaver, aged about sixty-five years. In the left upper limb, the cephalic vein was connected with one of the venae comitantes of the brachial artery through the median cubital vein. The basilic vein was not prominent and replaced with few thin veins.
In the left lower limb, the deep peroneal (deep fibular) nerve crossed the anterior tibial artery from lateral to medial side and again from medial to lateral side in the lower third of the leg.
This case report will contribute in the fields of gross anatomy, clinical anatomy and may also help clinicians for any invasive procedure or surgical approach in the limbs.

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