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Multiple variations in the branching pattern of abdominal aorta

Dahiphale Varsha PRABHAKAR, Selukar Mangesh SANTRAM, Kulkarni Promod RAGHUNATH, Govindwar Sonal HANUMANT

Multiple variations of the branches of abdominal aorta were observed during a routine dissection of the abdominal region in a 60-year-old male cadaver in the Department of Anatomy, Government Medical College, Latur.
In the present case, both inferior phrenic arteries arose from the coeliac trunk, and then coeliac trunk continued as common hepatic artery, after a short course of about 2.5 cm it gave gastric trunk which divided into right and left gastric arteries. Splenic artery arose from the superior mesenteric artery.
Right renal artery arose 1 cm below the left renal artery. Left testicular artery arose from anterolateral aspect of aorta 1 cm below the left renal artery, right testicular artery branched from anterior aspect of aorta 2.5 cm below the left testicular artery.
Inferior mesenteric artery arose from the aorta 7.5 cm below the superior mesenteric artery. Abdominal aorta bifurcated into right and left common iliac arteries at the level of L4 vertebra.
Knowledge of these variations could help surgeons to identify and protect the branches of abdominal aorta during surgery and radiological investigation.

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