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Multiple renal vascular variations: A case series

Potaliya P, Sharma S, Kataria D, Dixit SG, Ghatak S

Renal vascular abnormalities represent a heterogeneous group of diseases and etiologies. It is important to differentiate these vascular anomalies from other renal enhancing lesions prior to any attempt to perform any surgical intervention. This study aims to find out anatomical variations in renal vasculature of resected specimens. This study was conducted on 60 resected kidney specimens in Department of Anatomy, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur (Rajasthan) during routine Anatomy practical sessions of MBBS students. We found variations in renal artery where the main renal artery divided into pre-hilar branches (3.33%) and there was presence of additional renal artery (6.67%) and polar artery (1.67%). Additional renal veins were also found (3.33%) along with variation in relationship of hilar structures (16.67%). The knowledge of these variations can be useful in various surgical interventions including renal transplants

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