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Multiple neurovascular variations in the upper limb – a rare case report


Variation in the nerves and vessels of upper limb are not uncommon, but the presence of such multiple variations in a same case is very rare. Here we report a rare case with multiple variations in left upper limb noted in a 56-year-old male cadaver. There was complete absence of musculocutaneous nerve and its area was supplied by median nerve. A communicating branch was noted between the medial and lateral roots of median nerve overlying the third part of axillary artery. A high origin of superficial ulnar artery was noted on the left side, which terminated in the palm by forming incomplete superficial palmar arch. The brachial artery continued as radial artery below the level of elbow which is also found to be superficial throughout forearm and terminated in the palm by forming deep palmar arch. The common interosseous branch in this case arose from the radial artery just below the level of elbow. As this variation is concerned with anesthetic blocks and various surgical procedures, this case was studied and reported. A combination of these variations in a same case, to our knowledge, has not been previously described in the available literature.

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