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Maximizing children's quality of life who have epilepsy

Crispin Bates

The medical and surgical therapies for seizures and epilepsy in children have undoubtedly advanced and improved significantly; nevertheless, there have been relatively fewer efforts made to improve the care of lifestyle issues linked to the illness condition. Treatment should be given to people who have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), which is common behavioural and mental health comorbidity. Only seizure independence after epilepsy surgery leads to an improvement in Quality of Life (QOL). Better compliance results in better seizure control, and giving patients access to a rescue treatment for carers empowers them. The perspective of seizure sickness can be improved by education. Other advantages to cannabidiol than seizure control include. Most kids are mostly worried about the stigma associated with having epilepsy. The impact of driving on older kids is examined.

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