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Looped left testicular artery in relation to a variant left renal vein: a case report

Gabriel J. MCHONDE, Masumbuko Y. MWASHAMBWA, Flora M. FABIAN, Ainory P. GESASE

Variations involving the renal and testicular vessels are not uncommon. During a routine dissection of a 48-year-old male cadaver, one main and one accessory hilar renal vein were observed in the left kidney. The accessory hilar renal vein received the left testicular vein before it entered the main left renal vein. We also discovered for the first time the entrapment of the arched left testicular artery between the main renal vein and accessory hilar renal veins. The knowledge of these anatomical variations is important to radiologists in interpreting renal and testicular angiograms and to surgeons performing interventional procedures on a patient with these variations.

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