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L- Shaped Incision in Composite Reduction Labiaplasty

Fengyong Li

Background: Labia minora hypertrophy combined with clitoral hood protruding is a common deformity encountered in clinic practice, and should be treated as a whole. Most targeted surgical procedures are too complex to understand and master. Herein, we introduce a relatively simple method to correct this deformity. Method: In this study, we retrospectively review our experience on patients with deformity of labia minora hypertrophy combined with clitoral hood protruding from January 2017 to November 2019. All the patients received correction surgery to repair the complex deformity. During the procedures, we divided the complex operation into two parts: clitoral hood reduction using L- Shaped incision and then pur labiaplasty using L-Shaped edge resection. We describe the details of the method step-by-step and evaluate the treatment outcomes. Result: A total of 38 sides (14 for bilateral sides and 10 for unilateral side) of clitoral hood reduction and labiaplasty were performed in this study. The wound was healing well without any complications. Secondary corrective operation was applied to one patient for obvious asymmetry of bilateral labia minora. Ultimately, all the patients were satisfied with the cosmetic appearance without any complaint. Conclusion: The surgical method we introduced was proved to be a simple and effective procedure, which makes the complex situation to simple hypertrophy of labia minor. Then the L-Shaped edge resection of labiaplasty can be performed subsequently, which is appropriate for colored race particularly.
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