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Investigating the shallow end and calculating the information content of studies on transcriptomic

Nikolay Gogol

An important tool for studying organismal biology is transcriptomics. With the introduction of new parallel sequencing technology, a new field of transcriptomics has emerged, allowing for the identification and quantification of each and every transcript present in a sample through ever-deeper sequencing. For all transcriptomics experiments, this might not be the optimal way to use parallel sequencing technology. I investigated shallow RNAseq's capacity to capture the ma- -jority of this information and used the Shannon entropy technique to estimate the amount of information present in a transcriptomics experiment. This investigation demonstrated that a subset of the most abundant 5,000 transcripts or less within any given sample can effectively capture nearly all of the network or genomic information provided in a variety of transcriptomics experiments. Thus, it seems that using parallel sequencing technology, large-scale factorial analysis with a high level of replication should be doable and economical.

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