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Interference of day‐to‐day activities on the working pressures in patients using elastic stockings

José Maria Pereira de Godoy, Maria de Fátima Guerreiro Godoy

The objective of current study was to evaluate if day‐to‐day activities can exert an influence on the treatment of patients that use elastic stockings. Working pressures during day‐to‐day activities were evaluated. Five male and five female individuals, with ages varying from 36 to 47 years old, participated in the study. They were requested to continue with routine day‐to‐day activities during the evaluation period. Sigvaris® 30/40 mmHg elastic stockings were utilized. An apparatus that assesses the pressure at half‐second intervals, either dynamically or under static conditions was employed. The individuals were monitored for variable lengths of time of from one to three hours and at the end of data collection, the measurements were expressed as pressures at half‐second intervals in the form of a graph. Pressure variations were identified in accordance to the muscle activity, mainly when the calf muscle was involved. Day‐to‐day activities have a great influence on the variations of working pressure in individuals using elastic stockings and so, the stockings are useful as an adjuvant form of therapy in patients with venolymphatic diseases.

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