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Intensive treatment of post-breast cancer upper limb lymphedema

Edivandra Buzato, Cassio Gustavo Santana, Karina Paludetto Lopes

This paper describes a case of intensive treatment for the volumetric reduction of upper limb lymphedema. A 65-year-old female developed lymphedema of the right upper limb following breast cancer treatment, with a six-year history. A burn on the right upper arm and an episode of erysipelas in this period initiated the lymphedema. As the swelling did not subside after several treatments, the patient sought the Godoy Clinic (São José do Rio Preto, Brazil), where an intensive form of treatment was proposed, involving cervical stimulation, manual lymphatic drainage, mechanical lymphatic drainage (RAGodoy®) and the use of an arm sleeve with a low degree of elasticity (Gorgurão < 50) six hours a day for 10 days, with a two-day interval on the weekend. The following were the assessment measures: volumetric analysis, bioimpedance analysis and photographic documentation on the first and last day of treatment. The volumetric analysis revealed a reduction of 367 ml (51%) and the bioimpedance analysis revealed a reduction of 0.38 ml (59%). The proposed treatment was successful in achieving a volumetric reduction in lymphedema.

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