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Instead of burning, use dental care and a tobacco-free mouth

Maria Graham

The use of smokeless tobacco has a deleterious impact on dental health. The current study's goal is to compare the usage of dental services by smokers and nonsmokers in order to determine the level of dental care utilization among smokers. The data for the cross-sectional investigation were obtained from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS). The BRFSS questionnaire was used to determine smoking cessation and recent dental visits. Participants were included. Both We used logistic regression and the chi-square test square analysis. Even after accounting for gender, age, education, income, health insurance, smoking, region, and race/ethnicity, there was a substantial link between using smokeless tobacco and not having a dental appointment in the previous year. Smokeless tobacco users are less likely to have had a dental appointment in the previous year.

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