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Humanity is subject to a deadly cosmic impact – is non-human intelligent intervention also possible?

Nikolay Takuchev

In the present work, a dangerous phenomenon for mankind is described, increasing the mortality from the most deadly disease on the planet – ischemic heart disease. In the joint analysis of data from satellites in orbit around the Earth and from the health statistics of several countries, it became clear that, by some mechanism, flows of positively charged particles with high energy entering the Earth's orbit increase mortality from ischemic heart disease. The increase is by an average of 5% to 15% in a zone of maximum risk in the Northern Hemisphere, parallel to the equator and bounded by the parallels of 30° and 50° north latitude. A hypothetical mechanism based on observational evidence has been proposed, according to which this dangerous phenomenon is due to solar alpha particles of high energy sufficient to overcome the resistance of the atmosphere and reach the Earth's surface in a limited area of maximum death impact. The impact is most often short lasting – for a few minutes. In the area with maximum risk, alpha particles have a detrimental effect on the human body. The area with maximum risk is limited in area and in time by two conditions – the path of the particles through the atmosphere to the Earth's surface is as short as possible (during the local culmination of the Sun, local noon) and the direction of the incoming alpha particles coincides with the direction of the vector of geomagnetic induction at the point of maximum risk, where alpha particles are not affected by the deflecting force of the geomagnetic field. Examples are given confirming the proposed mechanism of action. In the second part of the study, attention is paid to the nature of alpha particle streams reaching the Earth's orbit. In addition to those emitted by the Sun as a result of natural processes, there are also series of pulses lasting less than 5 minutes, with strict periodicity in the series – day or week, with the same moment of registration of the pulses and coincidence of the pulses in the series by magnitude over extended time intervals, sometimes over the lifetime of the series from months to years. The alpha particles from each pulse in the series bombard the Earth's surface always in the same place. There are many such series, differing in time of recording and period, each of which is focused on a certain region of the Earth's surface. Such are, in particular, the series of pulses affecting the territory of the USA, Europe, and Central Asia. There is statistical confirmation in the US health statistics that the series of pulses affecting the country cause an increase in the mortality of ischemic heart disease by up to 5%. The lack of free access to detailed statistics on the cases of death in the other countries affected by the phenomenon does not allow a conclusion of the impact of the series of pulses of alpha particles on the health of their inhabitants. The strange characteristics of the mentioned series of pulses of alpha particles do not exclude the hypothesis that they are artificially generated from a non-human mind. The level of technological development of human civilization does not imply the possibility for it to generate such large-scale processes as the series of pulses of alpha particles, i.e. the highly developed non-human mind that generates them has nothing to do with human civilization. The series of pulses may be navigational signals causing unwitting casualties to humanity, but they may also be a form of murderous contact with a higher civilization that we have long sought, expecting only benefits after its realization, not suspecting that we live in this nightmarish contact indefinitely.

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