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Complete aberrance of all major visceral branches of abdominal aorta

Chernet Bahru Tessema

Dissections of the peritoneal cavity and retroperitoneal space of an 80-year-old male cadaver revealed co-exiting complex variations of the major unpaired and paired visceral branches of the abdominal aorta. The celiac trunk appeared as Gastro-phrenico-splenic trunk; bifurcated into gastro-phrenic trunk and the splenic artery. The common hepatic and superior mesenteric arteries originated from a hepato-mesenteric trunk. The renal arteries were bilaterally duplicated, where the right accessory renal artery ran between the inferior vena cava and the right testicular vein and those on the left shared a short common trunk arising from the aorta. The left testicular artery arched around the left renal vein. Such intricate variations could be causes of various low- or high-flow abdominal vascular syndromes, compressive syndromes and damages causing blood loss during surgery. Therefore, to be aware of these variations is very important during gastro-esophageal, hepato-biliary, pancreatic, splenic, intestinal, nephron-urologic and vascular surgeries and during imaging procedures.

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