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Case Report on Novel Variants of Attachments along a Broad Aponeurosis

Natalisa Hvizdosova*

Objective: Bilateral donations and variants of the short head of the biceps brachii tendon are both uncommon, and reports of supererogatory heads of the biceps brachii muscle are common. New types of attachments along a broad aponeurosis present bilaterally and linked during routine pupil cadaveric analysis is shown in this case. The aponeurosis extended from the coracoid process, where it joined the coracobrachialis, to the lower excrescence of the humerus, where it joined the pectoralis major muscle tendon. This was on the right shoulder. An arterial branch ran through the tendon of the aponeurosis on the left shoulder, which extended from the coracoid process to the lesser excrescence of the humerus. Counterexamples for shoulder mobility and surgical approach include the broad aponeurosis of the biceps brachii short head across the shoulder capsule.

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