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Case Report of Bilateral Supernumerary Renal Vessels

Tibor Hollosy*, Judit Horvath, Dora Reglodi, Pal Toth

Renal arteries, in most of the cases, arise from the abdominal aorta, at the level of the second lumbar vertebra. At the same level, renal veins join the inferior vena cava. However, due to the intricate development of the kidneys, the alterations of these vessels in reference to their origin, position, pattern and number occur fairly frequently. Knowing the possible variations of blood supply to the kidneys is a necessity for doing any renal surgery including transplantation, surgery on aortic aneurysm or urologic malformations. We report multiple variations in the renal vessels found during routine dissection of a cadaver of a 90 years old man. There were four renal arteries and veins on the left side, and one supernumerary renal artery on the right side. In addition, the hilum on the left side was shifted ventrally, and a considerable portion of the renal pelvis was excluded from the renal sinus.

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