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Atypical Extensor Medii Proprius – A Case Report

Suyashi Sharma*, Ravi Shankar Sharma, Shilpi Gupta Dixit, Surajit Ghatak

The case presented here is of the presence of Extensor medii proprius (EMP) muscle. It is a variation in extensor group of muscles. Anatomic variations in musculotendinous structure of forearm and hand are very substantial in repairing or reconstructing hand injuries. EMP tendon originated from distal third of ulna. Muscle belly was nearly 1.7 cm in width. In the forearm EMP was lying deep to Extensor indicis. Phylogenetic comparisons advocate EMP as evolutionary remnant of normal developmental arrangement. Awareness of anatomy and variations of extensor tendons is important for health care practitioners for correct diagnosis and management of pain, disease and trauma of forearm and hand.

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