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Anatomical variations of the clavicle and main vascular structures in two pediatric patients: subclavicular vein cannulation with supraclavicular approach

Hafize Oksuz

Central venous catheterization is a routine application in the management of patients in critical condition. However, the placement of central venous catheters is not without risk. The standard technique for central venous cannulation includes the use of anatomical landmarks. However, an ultrasound-guided method is recommended for catheterization in high-risk patients. In this report, we present two pediatric cases which had anatomical variations of the clavicles and main vascular structures due to cerebral palsy and were treated with mechanical ventilation because of pneumonia. The subclavian vein cannulation was performed using a supraclavicular approach under ultrasound guidance in both cases. We conclude that central venous catheterization of critical patients who have anatomical variations must be performed under ultrasound guidance as it provides greater safety and a higher success rate.

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