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Anatomical Variations of the Circle of Willis - Evaluation with Computed Tomographic Angiography

Pramita Kumari*, Umakant Prasad, Binod Kumar, NItisha, Amit Kumar

Objective: To study anatomical variations and anomalies of the Circle of Willis using computed tomographic angiography.

Material and methods: Observational and analytical study done in 100 patients from Novemeber 2019 to September 2021. Computed tomographic data of 100 patients was collected from the department of radiodiagnosis, Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Patna along with the interpretation of senior consultant radiologist and data interpretated.

Conclusion: Among the 100 cases normal Circle of Willis were seen in 33% and variations seen in 67% of cases. We observed 25 different types of variations some of which are isolated and and some in combination with others. A wide variability in the posterior arterial component of the Circle of Willis was observed.

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