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An unusual origin of the right colic artery from the right branch of middle colic artery - case report

Kennedy Martinez de Oliveira*, Alice Moraes Scheffer, Dayeni Massardi Romualdo, Emilly Dutra Amaral Meggiolaro, Karina Vitoria do Nascimento, Maisa de Fatima Satiro Oliveira, Carlos Alberto Carranza Lopez, Eduarda Felix Ponte, Jessica Genoveva Boline Passarelli Capaz Pinto da Silva, Caio Benini Breder

Vascular variations are common and disseminated in the specialized literature, for practical reasons due to semiological and surgical possibilities, which provides safe procedures, innovative techniques and minimal iatrogenic. The arterial variations of the abdomen, mainly the visceral, are a chapter apart from the descriptive anatomy and are highly complex. The arterial variant this article consisted of the origin of the right colic artery from the right branch of the middle colic artery. This led us, at first, to consider, by misinterpretation of this distribution architecture, as a common arterial trunk between the middle colic artery and the right colic artery. Thus, considering the various interpretations and their possible intercurrences in surgical procedures associated with this type of finding, we concluded the need for comprehensive studies that can more accurately assess the variations associated with the right colic artery and massify the terminologies related to it.

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