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A rare case of looping of supraclavicular nerve branches around external jugular vein and transverse cervical artery

T. Ramesh Rao

Awareness of the topographic anatomy of various neurovascular variations in the triangles of the neck may serve as a useful guide for radiologists, anesthesiologists and surgeons. It can help to prevent diagnostic errors, influence surgical and interventional procedures and avoid surgical complications during head and neck surgeries. Here we present the detailed case report with review of the literature of a 55-year-old formalin fixed male cadaver showing an unusual loop formation from the three main branches of supraclavicular nerve around the external jugular vein and the transverse cervical artery on the right side of the neck. Such a loop may lead to neurovascular symptoms. Cases bearing this kind of variations should be managed carefully during surgical and/or electrophysiological procedures.

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