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A rare bilateral variant branching pattern of the axillary artery

Samuel Joshua, Sujatha D’ Costa, Ryan Johal, Geetha Vyas, Adaola Onyenaka

Arterial injuries in upper extremities can occur in athletes performing forceful, repetitive, high velocity arm movements or during cannulation. Variations in the course and branching pattern of axillary artery would always be predisposition factor for such vascular injuries. We present an unusual bilateral variation in the branching pattern of the axillary artery which was observed in a 69-year-old female cadaver. A common trunk was observed arising from the second part of axillary artery which divided into lateral thoracic artery, thoracodorsal artery, circumflex scapular artery, posterior circumflex humeral artery, anterior circumflex humeral and profunda brachii artery. Knowledge of such variations is of utmost importance in preoperative planning for surgical procedures involving the axilla or axillary artery.

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